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Premium Services
enable informed decisions



If workers compensation premiums
aren’t allocated to your cost centres,
poor performers lack accountability
and good performers aren’t encouraged.

Premium simulation, verification and forecasting

Workers Compensation premium costs can represent one of the largest employee oncosts. Without a readily available premiumsimulator, you can’t reliably forecast future costs. It’s also difficult to predict performance trends and make informed strategic decisions for individual claims.

Ascentor’s Premium Management Services:

• Ascentor’s premium simulators forecast future workers compensation premiums

• You can analyse your premium performance

• Verify the accuracy of premium notices

• Manage claims strategically using premium “what if”scenarios

• Clearly see how improved claims performance leads to reduced premiums

• Evaluate if alternative workers compensation options, such as selfinsurance, may be helpful to you.

Ascentor’s premium cost allocation tool:
• Bi-annual (forecast & actual) allocation to your business units based on their claims experience
• Allocated to suit your business structure
• Efficient and cost effective
• Rewards good performers and actively engages poor performers to rapidly improve.