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Claims Cost Reporting
the true performance indicator


Workers Compensationisn’t a fixed cost.

It’s highly variable, measurable and controllable. The main premium driver is claims costs. In fact, claims costs can influence up to 90% of your premium. 

These costs cannot be managed unless they are accurately and regularly monitored and measured.

The Ascentor Claims Cost Report

• Efficient and effective graphical report
• Identifies claims cost impacting
  upcoming premium
• Compares current costs to previous
  year’s performance
• Compares current costs to industry
  benchmarks where available
• Displays monthly movements of
  total and individual claims costs
• Provides exception reporting
  of high-risk claims

Cost Centre Reporting

While a consolidated report is an excellent tool to help you monitor and measure your workers compensation performance, cost centre reporting of claims costs gives you greater visibility and control.

• Cost Centre Reporting provides
   easy executive overview
• Quickly identifies good and poorly
   performing business units
• Fully customizable to suit
   any business structure