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ABRM Cost Reduction Program
the power of engaged managers
Workers Compensation is complex.
It requires a careful balance between technical processes and interpersonal relationships. The cost of workers compensation premiums is not only driven by how the claim is managed but also (and often more importantly) by how the person is managed. Both aspects have to be managed appropriately.
The typical approach is for a centralized 'expert' to act as principal go-between in dealing with the injured worker, company and agent/insurer. This approach is adopted to ensure compliance with the technical and legal minefields of injury management. With over 30 years experience we have found this approach has significant downsides. It frequentlyalienates the injured worker, disengages the line manager and drives up claims and premium costs.

The ABRM Cost Reduction Program
In our experience, it’s important that the line manager/supervisor takes responsibility for employer communication and provides
personal support to their injured worker. Our ABRM Program has been successfully applied over several decades and retains the careful balance between the technical and interpersonal aspects of workers compensation. The ABRM Program provides managers with skills training, tools and coaching support enabling them to successfully
engage with their injured worker. 

Management engagement involves:
• careful selection / recruitment
• identifying suitable duties
• demonstrating care / support
• day to day RTW work problem solving
• induction/training & safety commitment
• winning treating doctor confidence
The quality of line manager engagement is the primary driver of win-win outcomes. When injured workers are quickly rehabilitated and return to work, both the personal cost to the injured worker and the financial cost to the organisation are contained.