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Workers Compensation Cost Reduction


ABRM Program

The cost of workers compensation premiums is not only driven by how the claim is managed but also (and often more importantly) by how the person is managed. Both aspects have to be managed appropriately.

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Claims Cost Reporting

It’s highly variable, measurable and controllable. The main premium driver is claims costs. In fact, claims costs can influence up to 90% of your premium. These costs cannot be managed unless they are accurately and regularly monitored and measured.

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Web Tools

The administration of workers
compensation can be complex and
time consuming. Tools to assist with
rehabilitation and return to work planning can save a lot of time and effort.

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Premium Services

Workers Compensation premium costs can represent one of the largest employee oncosts. Without a readily available premiumsimulator, you can’t reliably forecast future costs. It’s also difficult to predict performance trends and make informed strategic decisions for individual claims.

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